Mo 06.06. 20:00 | Fri-Son Fribourg | Hardrock / Metal, Rock

Shellac (US) / Helen Money (US)

Als Produzent ist Steve Albini legendär, seine Akribie im Erzielen von metallischen Gitarrenklängen mit Shellac ist es ebenfalls. Robert Weston (Bass) und Todd Trainer (Schlagzeug) teilen diese Leidenschaft – und so steht das Trio seit Jahrzehnten für einen extrem präzise gespielten Post-Hardcore-Noise: Für eiserne Sound-Disziplin im Gewitter.

A Montana native and graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Steve has made over 1000 records by over 1000 bands, working with acts such as  PJ Harvey, The Auteurs, Bush and Nirvana, with whom he worked on their third and last album „In Utero“.

An electrical engineer from Massachussets, Bob has been producer and engineer of an endless number of bands. He has been working for a university campus radio station. He is not only a bass guitarist but also plays trumpet. He was Steve’s assistant for the production of „In Utero“.

The owner of an italian greyhound, Todd Trainer aka Brick Layer Cake is famous for his brutal, primitive approach to rock drumming. For those who want to learn how to drum Todd Trainer style, there is a Facebook Page where Todd Trainer gives drum instructions.


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