Mi 21.03. 15:00 | Fri-Son Fribourg | All Styles

-OUS & Fri-Son present: INITIATION

OUS & Fri-Son present:


Initiation by Encor
Studio | Installation
Pure Mania | CH/UK | Live
MMMO Quadrophonic Spectral Voicings | OUS
Ink! | OUS
Artmaillé | Studio 1157

“ Initiation is an open-end ceremony initiating the audience to the cult of infinity. The gigantic human-machine-interface is driven by the officiants controlling ancestral tools.
As time seems to suspend itself, the crowd emerges into an ever hypnotizing state of oscillation.
In this place the swing of the pendulum acts as the ever stimulating vector to guide the audience onto higher grounds.“

Insta: encor_studio

Price: 10.- | Doors: 22h


Mi 21.03. 2018