So 16.10. 16:00 | Rote Fabrik Zürich |

Olga Stefan – Kurzfilmprogramm FAMILY STORIES Part II

Family Stories
Family Stories, a two-part program featuring autobiographical storytelling by two Eastern European female filmmakers revealing the impact of historical events on personal identity.
Both films are being projected for the first time in Switzerland.
The Screening will be followed by a skype discussion between Olga Stefan and Mila Turajlic.
Curated by Itinerant Projects.

Part 2, October 16th, 5pm

„The Other Side of Everything“, Mila Turajlic, 1:06:00

A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells the story of a family and serves as a symbol of a country in political turmoil. The property was split on the orders of the then communist government when Srbijanka Turajlic, who was born here, was just two years old. The door leading to the other rooms was locked, and 30 years later, when Srbijanka’s daughter Mila Turajlic, the film’s director, was born, it was still locked. In the 30 years that followed—all the way through civil war, the breakup of Yugoslavia, aerial bombardments and revolution—the door remained unopened. Srbijanka, a prominent political activist who played a leading role in the revolution, still lives in one half of the original apartment. In a film that rarely leaves this space, Mila paints a poignant portrait of her mother, a resolute woman with no doubts about her past actions, even though they put her life in danger. Does the new generation view things in a similar way?

Mila Turajlic is a documentary filmmaker born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.Her most recent film The Other Side of Everything premiered at the Toronto IFF in 2017, and went on to win 32 awards including the prestigious IDFA Award for Best Documentary Film. It was a New York Times Critics‘ Pick, and was named one of the best films of 2018 by TheNew Yorker’s Richard Brody. The film was HBO Europe’s first co-production with Serbia, and had a record-breaking theatrical release in Serbia. Mila’s debut documentary film Cinema Komunisto, premiered at IDFA and the Tribeca Film Festival, and went on to win 16 awards including the Gold Hugo at the Chicago Int’l Film Festival in 2011, and the FOCAL Award for Creative Use of Archival Footage. Theatrically released in France, UK, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, „Cinema Komunisto“ was broadcast across Europe. She is currently in post-production on the documentary diptych Scenes from the Labudović Reels: Non-Aligned and Ciné-Guerrillas.

Venue: Clubraum Rote Fabrik
Doors: 3:30pm
Movie: 4pm
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