Mo 30.09. 19:00 | Kino Reitschule Bern |

Masters in Bern: Laurent van Lancker’s «Surya»

Documentary fiction by Laurent Van Lancker, Belgium 2006, 76 min., OV e

Once upon a journey, ten contemporary storytellers of different cultures create an imaginary epic story,
which oscillates between imagination and reality, the inner
world and the outside world, documentary and fiction.
“Surya” will open the Masterclass of an award-winning director Laurent Van Lancker.
Next day Laurent will present his vision of filmmaking – experiential, performative and
sensorial – in a day-long workshop at the Institute of Social Anthropology.


EthnoKino is an ethnographic film programme curated by the collective of
anthropology students at the University of Bern. More than just “documenting
the real” visual anthropology makes full – and sometimes experimental –
use of the potential of film in the quest to frame and experience manifestations of life
from different cultural and political vantage points.
This season EthnoKino shows a selection of films exploring how knowledge is being
created, mediated and transcended. In “Transactive Dialogues” we travel across the
world from the centre to the peripheries as we are taken to see what is beyond.
Looking through the artistic visions of the filmmakers, we ask:
Who has access to knowledge? (THE PROPOSAL)
How is knowledge co-created and transmitted across cultures? (SURYA)
What are the young ways of knowing? (ETHNOKINO SHORTS)
What is the relation between knowledge and colonialism? (THEATRUM
How the power of sharing what we know and have could change lives? (BACHIR IN
How knowledge, despite all odds, connects even the most remote? (MURGHAB)


Mo 30.09. 2019