Fr 26.01. 22:00 | Fri-Son Fribourg | Punk, Techno

Kik Bar with Mark Knekelhuis (NL)

Punk roots with cosmic spirit with a great selector !!!
From Proto-House to Post-Punk to Techno !!!

__ Kik Bar __

Mark Knekelhuis [NL] | Knekelhuis
Scannoir [CH]

Price: 10.-

Mark Knekelhuis [NL]
For a long time Mark has been passionately exploring music. From his early teens on he was actively involved in underground hardcore punk where he played in several bands like Cathode and How the Gods Kill. After years of organizing punk rock shows, doing bookings and tours and playing in about every filthy hole and weird place you can imagine he ended up at a house party somewhere in the Brazilian jungle. An eye-opening moment that made him realize there was much more in life than just angry music.

From then on he started to explore the infinite world of musical differences, this time with an open mind.

Mark’s musical endeavors took him decades back in time, finding essential music dating back as far as half a century – music that proved to be timeless in spirit and soul. The importance of collecting the history of music that makes house music what it is today is enhanced by his love for vinyl. Though not dismissive of newer technologies Mark wants to feel his way through music by tracing all the connections to and variations of psychedelic rock, afro, funk, soul-freejazz, punk, wave, disco, house, electro and techno to the deeper shades of modern house music. Slabs of vinyl are his ultimate mediator.(N.N.).

He also actualy play in the live group Volition Immanent with Parish Smith

Scannoir [CH]
After some years in the punk- and wave -szene of zürich (around 1992, going in and out on occupied fabrics [wohlgroth]) i listened for the first time to EBM, Industrial and Wave.
After or during all that, i started 1994 as a DJ and co-organizer of parties of the flourishing Goa scene. Still with green and red hair and dark sound 🙂
After a few years the magic of Goa and Psytrance has gone and I turned towards the rather more progressive style (UK progressive House/Trance).
I’m still playing this style of music, mainly Oldschool – I also have a lot of vinyl from this period.
In those days I played under the pseudonyms „DJ Ghanda“ or „DJ Primitivo“.
Then i made a longer break as dj and pushed my „personal development“ and career with my job.
Now – a few years ago i restarted DJ’ing with fresh passion and of course now with my musical passion: EBM, Industrial, Synthpop and Wave / Darkwave.
In the last 20 years an impressive record collection has accumulated with a lot of vinyl records from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.
2016 i started with my own productions in my own studio. Mostly all of that with vintage gear and with vintage passion!
2017 started collaboration with Sneaker DJ as „GOTT“.


Fr 12.01. 2018