Sa 16.09. – Sa 07.10. 22:00 | Turnhalle Bern | Disco, Electro, Funk, House, World Music

Bonzzaj Soundsystem

Bonzzaj Soundsystem (BONZZAJ RECORDS, CH)

10 years ago Bonzzaj was birth in a small city called Leuk embedded in the swiss canton of Valais, a stone’s throw away from ticino and italy, a place distinguishing itself through excellent wines, rugged mountains, much sun and some sort of desert-like lonelyness.

A bunch of people startet organising concerts and partys in special location’s like the beautiful castle of Leuk in Valais. The sucess of the Bonzzaj nights was great and a strong company of people (djs, producers, music lovers) was growing up. Later, Bonzzaj started hosting a radioshow on Radio Rabe in Berne and startet the clubnights „Play more Jazz“ at Sous-Soul and „NEAT“ at Formbar in Berne. In Basel the are responsible for the „Bon Voyage sessions“ at the Cargo Bar. Over the years there have been many guests like Earl Zinger, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Dimlite, Titonton Duvante, Mike Huckaby, Basic Soul Unit, Mono/Poly, Clara Hill, etc.

In 2006 they started their own Label Bonzzaj Recordings and built a plattform for young talented producers. The past few years saw various releases, mostly 12”s, from artists all over the world in all different genres and directions. What they all seem to have in common is an electronic groove that is almost impossible to convey with words but has been. The label has grown stronger with releases by locals such as their warhorse Nemoy, Echo Skill Hifi, Soul Sociedad, Jagged, Filewile as well as releases by international artists such as Creative Swing Alliance, Sam Irl & Dorian Concept, Kid Swing, Side Hustle.

The music of bonzzaj recordings is different and openminded.



Di 12.09. 2017