Fr 17.02. 22:00 | Turnhalle Bern | Disco, Electro, Funk

Bird aka Pat Muvembe


Pat Muvembe


Pat Muvembe aka Bird is a sort of an institution when it comes to electronic
music in Switzerland’s capital city.

DJing since the early 90ies with gigs in some historical Swiss venues as the
Alte Markthalle in Bern or Love Zoo in Neuchatel, he was also vinyl dealer
and owner of the „Schwarz Markt“ record store – one of the very few we
ever had in our city. Today he’s moderator of the Galaxy Space Night on the
local radio station RaBe and member of the record label „Sirion“. Through all
those experiences and years of dedication, Padi achieved an overwhelming
musical knowledge.

As Bird he plays club oriented DJ-Sets, making move booties everywhere he
spins his Vinyl. As Pat Muvembe, he dedicate himself to different music
directions knowing no boundaries and just following the heart. Just relax
and enjoy music for your mind, body and soul.




Fr 20.01. 2023